“Ancora imparo” – Michelangelo

“I’m still learning”

Well Hello!

I am the Marketing and Administrative Assistant for a great testing service company in the middle of Michigan.

I started my adult life as an English Major, wandered through a career in Property Management, did a fast curve in my 40’s to switch to Marketing (with some hops in Accounting and Sales in there, too).

I am a fanatical learner and my brain is usually overfull with *stuff*. Chemistry and analytics were completely out of my wheelhouse, but not anymore! I get to learn something new EVERY SINGLE DAY, just at my job alone!

I am learning to understand new terminology and what a testing service like Impact Analytical does to help keep businesses producing high quality and safe products for consumers. Join me as I learn about things I, personally, never knew anything about. I hope to share a little knowledge and humour along the way.

One of our labs I steer clear of 

Thanks for reading!